Rotten Wood Siding Can Be A Pain

Rotten wood siding  can become warped, dry out, and attract insects & birds.  When this happens, it can be a pain. Rotten wood siding or rotten deck boards can be replaced and installed by us.  What we offer different than any other contractor in the Chicago area is that we are a one-stop company.  We remove and dispose of your rotten cedar siding boards.  Next, we dispose of them off-site.  Then while still out there, we can seal up the boards by priming and staining them too.  Must other companies have a demo team remove the rotten boards.  Then your job waits until the carpenter can show up to install the new cedar siding.  Then your house could sit again, for possibly a full month before the painters come to stain.  Don’t accept this type of process on your home as it exposes your home to so many problems.  With my team of professionals, we do the whole process from start to finish with no delays.

This video shows a before and after of rotten boards and clean boards.  Mark and the crew are roof-top – explaining the care Lotz Home & Office takes in replacing the new boards.

Siding is Rotten But Why?

Do you suspect rotten wood on your siding or deck? If so, we can come out and determine the problem.  Here are a few reasons, among many, why this is happening:

  • Constant exposure to the sun and the boards are drying out;
  • Standing water possibly on your deck floor, stairs, or porch;
  • Insect problems
  • Animals and birds are attracted to rotten boards because these boards attract insects

Really, you should walk around your cedar home every spring, summer and fall to determine if you have a new issue developing.  It can be addressed and stopped by having a siding contractor fix it for you.

Rotten Cedar is Like an Infection

I like to say that rotten wood boards are like an infection on your skin.  If you don’t address it, it will spread and get worse.  We can determine the problem and replace the rotten boards.  The worse thing you can do is ignore what is happening on your home’s exterior siding.  Is it going to be cheap to fix – no.  But if you address it right away, it could only be a few boards to replace and stain.  If you ignore it a few years, it could mean 20 boards.  


Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on replacing your rotted wood siding, give me a call.   My team and I have been serving Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, River West, Near West Side, Printers Row, Dearborn Park, Gold Coast, Lake Shore East, New East Side, Streeterville, Near North, Loop, Old Town, River North, and all of Chicago area for 30+ years.