Most People Hate to Sand Walls – It’s Messy

Sanding interior walls before painting can be a messy task.  Most homeowners I speak with say that they just can’t deal with the dust.  But is it really necessary every single time you paint?  Let’s talk about it in greater detail. Sometimes you don’t actually have to sand.  It is your choice.

Sanding Interior Walls Before Painting:  How to Prepare Walls

Not every time you time you paint should you need to do sanding walls before painting.  It really depends upon you. If the walls in your home are in pretty good shape, you might not even need to sand.  I generally recommend putting an 80-100 grit sandpaper on a sanding pole.  This just knocks down any sort of imperfection off the walls. Usually in a 12×12 room, with proper tools, this should only take you 5-10 minutes. 

Painting Over Trim Work

If you are going to be painting over trim work that has been previously painted or varnished, there are one of two ways to prepare the surface.  

  • Either sand the surface and then remove the dust with a tack cloth.
  • Use a chemical agent that softens up the existing surface

Note:  read the direction on the manufacturer’s can to achieve maximum results.

Also, caulking your trim work before painting will give your room a more finished look. 

Ceiling Painting

I generally recommend spot sanding with a sanding pole, especially if there are a lot of imperfections from fibers from the previous paint job from the roller cover or chunks of dried paint that were not strained during last application.  Quick tip:  Make sure you purchase a dust mask from the local paint store before sanding – your lungs will appreciate it.

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