The cycle of your life determines what needs your basement plays in your home. Let’s look at some unfinished basement ideas:

If you have a thousand square foot home on your first floor alone, then you quite possibly have an additional 1,000 sq. ft. in your basement that needs some unfinished basement ideas. Remodeling your basement will really expand your living space.

Unfinished Basement Ideas

Do you want your basement ceiling to look great, but not spend too much money? Have a painting contractor come in and spray the ceiling joists with black paint. Then hang your lights, such as LED lighting, strip lighting, or track lighting. Hang those lights below the ceiling joists.

Having polyaspartic flooring installed is a great idea. Even if your basement occasionally floods, this coating is attached to your concrete floor, and will not peel or come up in a flood.  

Some more unfinished basement ideas are related to wine or craft beer and are great ideas for empty nesters. Consider having an entertainment area created by a remodeling contractor. Here you can have a wine cellar and wine cabinets built right in. Then have an entertainment area made to have your guests enjoy that basement area.

Lotz of Logic

It’s nice to have all that additional space in the basement, but it’s even nicer to be able to get use out of it. There are so many things you can do with your unfinished basement, and many of them are quite affordable. It all depends upon the needs of your family and what you want the basement to be used for. 

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