Ways to Control Dust When Remodeling

Ways to control dust – Have you ever wondered, “I’m considering having a remodeling project done at my home, how do I manage the dust?”  This is a great question because we find it is one of the greatest challenges when remodeling our customer’s homes. So here is what we like to do.  Check out the video I made for you below:

Covering Floors – Another Ways to Control Dust

First, it starts with let’s cover the floors. Up to the work area, and the work area, and maybe a staging area. Let’s go ahead and cover everything. On hardwood floors, tile, we are going to go ahead and use a compression board or cardboard. Then when we go to transitions to let’s say carpet, we will use plastic with mastic on it. It goes down real nice, and covers the carpeting really well, and pulls up real easily

Removing Sentimental & Heirlooms

Then when done with that, we are going to make sure all the important items that we don’t want in the room taken out of there, and moved to a safe area such as antiques, that are really special and really doesn’t need to be in the room, and that cannot be replaced. And anything else we are going to drop and wrap in plastic.

Covering Vents & Air Returns to Control Dust

Then we are going to go in after that and cover all the vents and air returns so nothing gets sucked into the air duct system.

Installing Zip-Wall System

Once we are done with that we are going to put in a zip-wall system and generally, a lot of those systems have a doorway you can cut in so you have access from other areas because we want to manage as much of that dust as possible.

Use Build Clean Air Scrubber to Control Dust

And then we bring in Old Red, which is a Build Clean System air scrubber which gets roughly 90% dust that is airborne. So that’s how we like to manage.

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