Let’s go over 9 ways to update your kitchen without having to do a full-blown remodeling project.  Check out my video below:


Ways to Update Your Kitchen – Part 1

So let’s go over a list of items you can change up slowly overtime to make an inexpensive renovation project happen as your budget allows.  And also, check out this blog with a video of a kitchen we remodeled to get some ideas for yourself.

  1. Countertops – If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, then replacing your existing countertop with granite or quartz is the way to go to give your kitchen an instant facelift.
  2. Sinks, Faucets, & Disposals – If you are replacing your countertops, you should, at this time, also replace your kitchen sink, faucet, and disposal.  Your existing ones would have to be reset anyways at this time.  So you might as well update your sink, faucet, and disposal too.  You won’t regret doing this at the same time.  Be prepared to possibly have to pay an electrician to move or update some electric for that disposal.
  3. Backsplash –  Replacing your kitchen backsplash is a great thing to update every 5-7 years as the trends move forward.  You can take out your old backsplash and have a newer style installed.  This is an instant facelift, too, for your kitchen without having to break the bank.

Ways to Update Your Kitchen – Part 2

  1. Update Cabinets – Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets in total, which can run anywhere from $8,000 – $15,000+, you can go two inexpensive methods.  If your kitchen cabinets are in decent shape, then replace the hardware.  By kitchen hardware, I’m referring to replacing the knobs and hinges to the cabinets.  It will make a huge difference, with a minimal investment.  If you want to update your cabinets but can’t afford brand new ones, hire a company to refinish the kitchen cabinets. 
  2. Add in Crown Molding or New Trim Work – By adding in crown molding by the ceiling, this will up-level your kitchen to look very elegant.  I’d only suggest this if your cabinets are not that tall.  If you have the newer style of cabinets that reach up closet to the ceiling, then don’t install crown molding as this would be ‘overkill.’  You can also install new trim work and toe kick-board in your kitchen too.
  3. Pantry Upgrade – You can update your kitchen pantry by installing some new shelving and install a new light to see better.

Ways to Update Your Kitchen – Part 3

  1. Update Appliances – This is an instant facelift, too, for your kitchen.  But beware.  Once you install the new appliances, your outdated kitchen will probably show it’s ugly head.  And you’ll want to do more upgrades to your kitchen.  
  2. Change out Kitchen Lighting – Switching out old, outdated lighting, and installing new lights in your kitchen.  You’ll see a huge difference.  Install new pendant lights over your kitchen island.  Try some lighting over your kitchen sink, cabinet overhead or under-cabinet LED light strips, and even lights down by the toe kickboard.  This will be an important update to your kitchen.
  3. Paint Kitchen – This is one of the most inexpensive ways to update your kitchen. And it only takes one day to get done.

Lotz of Logic

The list above looks small, but honestly, these are massive upgrades you can do over a year or three to four years.  And before you know it, you’ll have a brand new kitchen.  Sometimes doing a DIY renovation can be more manageable when doing it in bite-size pieces.  It is more time manageable, helps people on a smaller budget, and is cost-effective.  I hope you can apply some fo the 9 ways to update your kitchen.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on ways to update your kitchen, give me a call. My team and I have been serving the St. Charles, Warrenville, Wheaton, Winfield, Geneva, Batavia, and all of the Chicago area for 30+ years.

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