Woodpecker Holes

Woodpecker holes can be a big pain.  What should you do if you have woodpecker holes on your home’s siding? It is amazing to see how much damage animals, insects, and birds can do to your home. So let’s take woodpecker holes and how do we treat them.


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Creative Ways to Deter Woodpeckers

I find that a lot of homeowners have put up the fake owls to deal with their woodpecker holes.  Sometimes even tried various sources of electronic devices out to keep away birds. Some can be successful, and others seem to be a complete waste of time and money. I find in most cases, woodpeckers will come back especially if they are nesting in the area.

DIY Ways to Fix Woodpecker Holes

The main focus is protecting your siding once the damage has been done. So we treat the woodpecker holes pretty simply. We like to fill them with caulk. We either apply a colored caulk to match the siding or a clear caulk if we are not re-staining the existing surface. But we also run into the same challenge with carpenter bees making holes in your siding.

Carpenter Bees & Other Birds Making Holes Bigger

If you don’t treat these holes, then other birds will piggyback off of the woodpeckers or carpenter bees and start opening the hole bigger and living in your fascia or siding. The holes might be very unsightly, and if not taken care of, can become a much bigger problem down the road.

When Should You Replace Whole Board?

When you have many cedar siding boards with holes caulked up from these creatures, you should eventually have a contractor come out to replace the whole board altogether. Don’t allow extra tenants living in your home’s siding that may not be paying your rent. So I’d like to stress that you fill up those woodpecker or carpenter bee holes right away to avoid future problems.

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Woodpeckers can damage your siding. Mark explains how to repair your siding and when it needs to be completely replaced.