Chicago Remodeling Contractor

Chicago remodeling contractor, Lotz Home & Office, has been serving the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs for 30+ years.  Chicago, Illinois is such a gem and I love the fact that I get the pleasure of working in Chicago many times through the year for my commercial and residential clients.

I get inspired by the architectural influences that Chicago has to offer and all the professionals that work in the city. I have helped many restaurant owners and restaurant managers solve their design or paint problems. I also get a chance many times in the year to help my clients who live along the Gold Coast and along Lake Shore Drive in their high-rise condominiums.

I have many clients that live in the suburbs of Chicago but own a second home in the city where they can escape to on the weekends. I love taking their newly purchased homes just outside of Chicago in the Lincoln Park, IL areas up by DePaul University, and giving them a complete remodeling facelift.

Some projects we have tackled or can handle are interior painting, exterior staining, complete wood floor replacement, electrical upgrades, bathroom remodeling projects, and full or partial kitchen remodel.

You surely work hard during the week and have no extra time to keep your home in the shape it requires.

Let me and my crew take care of all your problems and frustrations with you home. Let me give you a home that you cannot wait to come home to at the end of a long work week.

Give me a call and let’s discuss how I can make your home exciting again.

Upgrade your home. Upgrade your life.

Let Lotz Home & Office bring all the experts to take care of your Chicago bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodel, exterior staining of your home or
interior painting of your house.