What is a Custom Kitchen Plan

A custom kitchen plan allows you to reconfigure your existing kitchen to best suit your needs and lifestyle by moving walls, changing the plumbing fixtures, and rearranging electrical.

Why do you want to have a custom kitchen?

This is for the individual that cannot stand the design and layout of their current kitchen from the lack of lighting, minimal counter space and that wall that needs to open the heart of your home to make it more inviting to family & friends.

If you plan on staying in your home for over 15 years, than the custom plan might be just the right plan for you. Your return on investment will be maximized the longer you plan on staying in your home.


What is so unique about Switchin Your Kitchen™ custom kitchen plan?

So how can Switchin Your Kitchen™ make my vision happen?

We have found that most people know they want to beautiful state-of-the-art kitchen, but don’t necessarily enjoy the selection process and usually rely on a design professional to guide them in the selection process.

We provide:

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How is a footprint plan different?