What is An Existing Kitchen Floorplan

Existing kitchen floorplan is basically what I referred to as a footprint kitchen plan.  Keeping your existing floor plan in place, no major demolition or construction costs, no moving of walls, plumbing, electrical fixtures.

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Basically, swapping out the old fixtures for brand new fixtures.

Why do you want to have a footprint kitchen?

  1. Greater Return on Investment: A footprint kitchen is a more cost effective plan than a custom plan due to the systematic approach of Switchin™ your old, dated kitchen out for the latest styles & finishes. If you plan on only being in your home for 10-15 years, the footprint kitchen plan would be your greatest return on investment.
  2. Saving You Time – a footprint kitchen can be turned around in a fraction of the time than it takes for a custom kitchen plan.

What is so unique about Switchin Your Kitchen™ footprint plan?

So how can Switchin Your Kitchen™ make my vision happen? We have found that most people know they want a beautiful state-of-the-art kitchen, but don’t necessarily enjoy the selection process. We provide:

How is a custom kitchen remodel plan different?