Hinsdale Remodeling Contractor

Hinsdale remodeling contractor, Lotz Home & Office, has been remodeling homes and painting houses for the past 30+ years.  Hinsdale, Illinois is situated in a perfect location in the Chicago suburbs. It is far enough away from the heavy business traffic of Oak Brook and Chicago, yet provides a prosperous city to raise a family and retire here as well.

I have enjoyed helping my clients achieve a home they are excited to come home to after a long work week. I have helped my Hinsdale clients over the past 28 years with exterior home staining, interior painting, full kitchen remodeling projects, and bathroom remodels. I work with keeping your home project to the scale and extent that your neighborhood allows, keeping in mind always your return on investment. I have so many clients in Hinsdale, IL and it is always a pleasure driving through the city, remembering all the past projects my crew and I have completed.

I love building relationships with my clients and building up their homes as well.

Let Lotz Home & Office bring all the experts to take care of your Hinsdale bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodel, exterior staining of your home or
interior painting of your house.