Home Remodeling Contractors in Darien IL

There’s no place like living in Darien. It has a strong culture, it’s safe, and it’s full of historic and art attractions. It’s been an honor for us to be part of the neighborhood. Lotz Remodeling has been working in the Darien area for over 30 years. That’s more than a generation of working in excellence and building a trusted name. We hope you consider Lotz for your home remodeling contractors in Darien IL.


Serving Darien for 30+ Years!


At Lotz, we remodel homes, offices and commercial spaces. We can do anything to make the perfect house or workplace. Lotz Remodeling is different. Instead of working on projects, we work on making your dream a reality. We invest in your vision and work hard to exceed your expectations.

Need that perfect kitchen countertop? Want to make a mudroom for storage and pets? Maybe a garage remodel?

You want to have a house that you are proud of. It should be comfortable and what you dreamed of. If you have experience being a homeowner, you know it isn’t always easy. Even if you think you’ve found the perfect home, after a few months of moving in, you’ll begin to see the areas that need improvement. You probably know what you want for your house. You just need the right people behind you.

Lotz Remodeling is a professional, family-oriented business that’s excited to work with you.

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Home Remodeling Contractors in Darien IL


You’ve decided on a project. You’ve looked up ideas online, Pinterest, trade magazines, and anything you can get a hand of.

When it’s time, you’re ready to find the right people.

But it turns out to be far from what you wanted. Have you ever had this experience?

That’s because you didn’t have the right people behind you. We are dedicated to remodeling your dream house. You deserve the best. That’s why we have a strong 30+ year record of making it happen.

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Darien IL map of the area that Lotz Home & Office serves.

  When you hire Lotz Remodeling, you not only get an experienced contractor, you get someone who is local. We know the needs and wants of the community. We know what’s trending, what remodels stand the test of time, all unique to the neighborhood. Contact Us to get started!  Go check out our areas served page where you can find your city too.


Working on a DIY project? We believe in adding value to our customers whether we are working on a project with them now or in the future. That’s why we invest in DIY training videos for you! When it’s time for a professional, give us a call.  We are excited to be working with you and being your home remodeling contractors in Darien IL.