Home Remodeling Contractors in Glenview IL

Is it hammer time? Why remodel? You’ve probably been thinking of remodeling for a long time. Most don’t think about it and then act on it. Most push it off until the home is so outdated, it’s becoming embarrassing for them to have guests over. You’ve always wanted to either update your design style or fix some issues you have happening in your home. The economy is good and ready for you to get a good return-on-investment. And honestly, it will be cheaper to remodel your home this year, than if you wait for another 2-5 years from now. When did costs ever go down? Never! So the longer you wait, the more expensive it will be. We would love for you to consider Lotz as your home remodeling contractors in Glenview IL.

Home Remodeling Contractors in Glenview IL

So few remodeling companies are truly run by the owner. And what I mean by run by the owner, I mean the owner is in touch with you from the initial phone call to the very last day of your project. So many owners hire sales associates and project managers as their employees. Not that that is bad, but that at the end of the day, they go home, and they are ‘done.’ When hiring Lotz Home & Office, you will get Mark Lotz, the owner at your first in-home consultation visit. Mark will be there planning and staging for the first day. He will be onsite at your project running the team of installers, and there the very last day too. You can’t get any better than that than having the owner running your job. Why does Mark do that when he could be running 2-3 jobs at a time and running himself thin or hire out employees to run your job? Because Mark truly cares and is a perfectionist.

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After your initial meeting, decide right off the bat if you think you could work with this contractor for the next 1-2 months. Remodeling can take 3-6 weeks of the planning stage. And then another 2-6 weeks for the remodel itself. Also, make sure the person who comes out for the initial in-home consultation will also be the same person who will be running your project. That is because there are so many details discussed that day, that you want to make sure all the details are put forth into a finished product when the installation is happening. Mark Lotz is the owner of Lotz Home & Office and is the person that works with you every step of the way. He honestly loves to remodel homes and loves doing the hands-on craft. What could be any better than that by having the owner work with you directly?

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Life can give you curveballs. And sometimes, those curveballs require a remodel project. What could this be? Your parents might need to move in with you and require a private in-law suite or in-law basement area. Did your kids finally move out, and the house is finally yours that you can fix according to your needs? Or are you starting to age in place and need some safety grab bars installed in your bathrooms or hallways?


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Lotz Home & Office has been serving the Evanston IL area for over 30 years. Mark Lotz and his company Lotz Home & Office offer all home improvement services from kitchen & bathroom remodeling, deck staining, interior painting, exterior staining, power washing, and replacing rotten wood siding.

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Go check out our areas served page where you can find your city of Glenview too. Call our office and Brenda would be happy to set up an in-home consultation for Mark, the owner, to meet with you. The initial visit would be to discuss what you want to do, and then Mark would work up a preliminary price. We’d love to become your home remodeling contractors in Glenview IL.