Home Remodeling Contractors in Highland Park IL

What could be a better time to remodel your home.  Why? Because consumer confidence is super high right now.  With that confidence lends your remodel to a higher ROI if you need to sell your home.  Families make these larger financial home improvement decisions based upon economic belief, and right now, the economy is booming, and the stock market is doing quite well.  We would love for you to consider Lotz as your home remodeling contractors in Highland Park IL.

Home Remodeling Contractors in Highland Park IL

Since Mark started his company 33 years ago in 1987, he was inspired to give the very best customer service with the very best craftsmanship and skills.  When hiring Mark of Lotz Home & Office, brings the best to your project. That’s because when hiring Lotz, you get Mark on your project from the very beginning.  Mark will be the one estimating your project, managing it, demoing it, and overseeing all the installation as well. When needed, Mark will work on your behalf for any city inspections required.  Most other remodeling companies hire employees for the sales team and project managers. When hiring Mark, you get the 360-degree difference, by getting the owner on your project. It can’t get any better than that! 

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Best Contractors in Highland Park IL

So how do you go about hiring the right contractor?  The best way is to get a referral from your neighbor, friend, or relatives.  Second, I’d ask the contractor you are considering to supply references, photos, and videos of past projects.  And if you’ve narrowed the decision down to 2 contractors, decide which one you feel the most comfortable with being in your home and for the next two months.  Mark Lotz can provide you with endless photos and videos of completed projects, along with plenty of references and video testimonials. Mark also shows off his construction home improvement knowledge by showing you his YouTube channel that has over 180+ DIY videos.

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Highland Park IL Home Remodeling Contractors Near Me

What are the most popular home improvement remodeling projects?  Let’s go over a short, but very popular list. This will give you a good ROI when selling your home:

  1. Empty Nesters finally can remodel their home;
  2. In-laws moving in;
  3. Family growing with a new child or extended family moving in;
  4. College graduates moving back in; and 
  5. Just bought a house and need to remodel it

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Go check out our areas served page where you can find your city of Highland Park too. Remodeling is only scary when you hire the wrong company.  Call today and meet with Mark Lotz for an in-home consultation. Mark will measure your home and discuss your remodeling ideas.  We’d love to become your home remodeling contractors in Highland Park IL.