Home Remodeling Contractors in Hinsdale IL

Lotz Remodeling has had the pleasure of making dreams a reality in the Hinsdale community for decades.   We love serving a neighborhood that has so much history and beauty—all within a 22-minute express train to the city. It’s the best of both worlds. We also know how important it is to have a home you can be proud of.  We hope you consider Lotz for your home remodeling contractors in Hinsdale IL.


Home Remodeling Contractors in Hinsdale IL


  Do you have areas that you know could be improved? Like the kitchen counter or your restrooms? There are so many ways to add value to your home or commercial space. All you need is the right people to partner with you.

hinsdale remodeling contractors lotz  At Lotz Remodeling, we provide residential, office and business contracting and and remodeling for what you envision.



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You can have the perfect home. It’s what we believe. Your Home. Your Happiness.

 There are always opportunities to remodel and update your house for a beautiful design. If you have ideas on how to improve your home, you’re in an exciting season. But like any great vision, you need the right person to get it done for you. As contractors we deliver excellence and make it a reality. 

We have been helping families in Hinsdale for a long time. We know what’s in style and what your needs are. Have you ever worked with a contractor that’s always on a different page than you? With Lotz Remodeling, we promise a local, trustworthy job well done.

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  At Lotz Remodeling, we want to provide you and Hinsdale with value whether we are working with you in the present or in the future. That’s why we invest in training and information videos on DIY projects so that you can complete any home improvement you desire. Go check out our areas served page where you can find your city too.

  When you need the professionals, just Contact Us!  We are excited to be working with you soon and being your home remodeling contractors in Hinsdale IL.