Home Remodeling Contractors in Lake Zurich IL

Excellent wine ages better over time. But not a home. Over time it starts to need repairs and definitely needs a style update. After about 15 years, you’ll probably start getting the itch to remodel a room or two in your Lake Zurich IL home. Vanity or kitchen doors begin to fall off rotting hinges, and drawers break, tile starts to crack, grout dries out. And worst of all, you start to hate having guests over because your house is looking extremely outdated. Now you have to decide: should I live with it, sell-as-is, or remodel and stay? Most homeowners choose to renovate and stay because it is cheaper than packing, moving, and dealing with the hassle of putting the home on the market. And heck, you probably love your neighborhood. We would love for you to consider Lotz as your home remodeling contractors in Lake Zurich IL

Home Remodeling Contractors in Lake Zurich IL

Remodeling ideas you find online can become a reality. At the first in-home consultations, Mark Lotz (the owner) comes out to discuss just that – your goals & changes you are trying to achieve. Mark has 30+ years of construction knowledge and almost 40 years of working in the field because he was taught by his father when he was in high school. When you hire Lotz Home & Office, you get the owner on your job site and running the project. Unlike most design-build remodeling companies who hire a project manager, our company is run by the owner. That benefits you because you have the owner putting his stamp of approval on the every-day items. You can’t get any better than that! Give us a call so we can show why working with Lotz Home & Office would be your best choice ever. Contact Us Today!

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So what is the best way to determine who to hire? I’d say pay attention to how the initial phone call goes. Are they friendly, responsive, and seem to really listen to you. Then, notice who shows up for the in-home consultation – is it a salesperson or the owner? Also, how fast do you receive your estimate?

Most importantly, in their estimate – is it broken out or just a large, lump-sum? Mark is the owner of Lotz Home & Office and is the only one who comes out for estimates. Mark provides an estimate typically in one week after he’s had the chance to really think and layout your project in front of him in the office. Then Mark works up an extremely transparent estimate that breaks about each portion of the project, so you can see how much each area costs. That’s what’s great about hiring a local remodeling company vs. a larger design-build remodeling firm. You get detail and attention to your project. Something can be lost when the owner isn’t around.

Here are some of the services we offer. Feel free to speak with us for any inquiries or special requests!




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Whatever your reason is for remodeling, whether it’s improving your home’s value, adding living space for your parents or college students moving in, or you just need an update to the style, remodeling doesn’t have to be a bad experience. So many people seem to regret it. And that’s because most don’t hire the right company. Start getting excited about your home’s new design style. Start saving ideas from the internet, such as Pinterest, Houzz, and even real estate sites from homes in the area for sale. When you are done remodeling and hire our the right company to demo and install everything, you will love your home again. You’ll want to start entertaining and having guests over to show it off. Contact Us today for a consultation!

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Go check out our areas served page where you can find your city of Lake Zurich too. All it takes is a phone call and an hour appointment to start to get the ball rolling for your next home remodeling project. Find out how much it will cost by sitting down with Mark Lotz today.  We’d love to become your home remodeling contractors in Lake Zurich IL.