Home Remodeling Contractors in Lakeshore East IL

Are you considering remodeling your home? If you are, then it is probably because the space needs a little help to be more beautiful and make your daily life more productive as well. Honestly, many people remodel their homes because they are tired of the outdated look that is in their bathroom, basement or kitchen.  Besides, by updating your home’s style and design, the value of your home will increase. Which is an added benefit. By remodeling your home, you can cut down on the hassle of selling it and find the “home of your dreams” much faster.  We would love for you to consider Lotz as your home remodeling contractors in Lakeshore East IL


Home Remodeling Contractors in Lakeshore East IL

At Lotz Home & Office, we have a simple and straightforward yet effective formula that has made our business even more effective. It works so well that the homeowners are happy with the work that we do.  It is important to have the best team of craftsmen around who know how to properly install the selections that you made. We will also send you to the best vendors so that you have the opportunity to buy the best selections around. And you will get them at the lowest price offered.

Lastly, you have Mark Lotz, the owner of Lotz Home & Office, on your project. The majority of design & building businesses have a project supervisor or sales representative that will run your project. Not our company.  What could be better than having the owner, Mark Lotz, on-site for your project? Especially since Mark is a second-generation contractor who learned everything he knows from his father. With the owner on-site, you are getting a true craftsman with 30+ years of knowledge and experience working on your remodel. Mark’s wife, Brenda, runs the office for our company so that your project, as well as any future project, runs smoothly from an administrative perspective. 

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By doing your due diligence, you will be able to decide on who to hire to do your remodeling project.  By doing your due diligence, you are researching the contractor you have selected and taking a look at their online presence.  If the contractor you are researching doesn’t have photos or videos of completed projects that they have done, that isn’t a good sign.  Nowadays, it is easy for people to take pictures and videos since everyone has their own cell phones.

Another thing that you should look for with the contractor you are considering is if they have online reviews.  Mark Lotz, the owner of Lotz Home & Office, has all of this. He has many online reviews, as well as countless photos and video testimonials. Using his 30+ years of knowledge, Mark has over 180+ DIY videos on YouTube, where he educates people on different remodeling topics.

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Home remodeling happens for many reasons, but it often occurs when the needs of the family change.  When people remodel their bathrooms, it is usually because they are getting older and need a few things to make things more comfortable in the bathroom.  The remodeling process includes installing safety grab bars, larger shower areas for wheelchairs or walkers, and benches in the shower for seating. Although you might not need those items now, you may need them down the road. It’s not a bad idea to think of the future needs for you and your home and then include them when you begin remodeling.  When you go to sell your home, it will be much easier because your home will be one of the only houses with these added benefits. When remodeling, some people also remodel the kitchen to give it an updated look. And some people even set up new bedrooms in the basement for their college grads that need to live at home again. No matter what your needs and requirements are, we would love to do work with you in the future.     

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