Home Remodeling Contractors in Long Grove IL

Are you embarrassed when your doorbell rings? When unexpected guests come over, and your home looks horrible. So many homeowners hate their current home because it has gone way beyond the time for a remodel project. Most don’t tackle a remodel because they think it will be a horrible situation. And it can be. But only if you hire the wrong Long Grove company. We’d like to prove this myth wrong and show you why working with Mark Lotz of Lotz Home & Office can be one of the best decisions you make this year. Let’s get your home looking fabulous and ready for the next doorbell and all the parties you can fit into this year! We would love for you to consider Lotz as your home remodeling contractors in Long Grove IL

Home Remodeling Contractors in Long Grove IL

What seems like a lost art nowadays is having a contractor on your job that was taught the craft by his father – a second generation contractor. Nobody it seems is in the trades from the very start of their careers. But Mark Lotz of Lotz Home & Office is just that. A contractor who was taught by his dad when Mark was in high school, and then Mark went into business for himself at the age of 21. Mark’s been in business 32+ years and has 6 more years on top of that working with his dad back in his teens and early 20’s. That’s almost 40 years that Mark brings to every job. And what is even sweeter is that Mark is on each job site and running it himself. Some say that’s stupid and that he should use a project manager or salesperson. But Mark disagrees. He’d rather make less per year and work at your home, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. By doing this, Mark has almost 75% of his business is repeat customers. He has a tremendous amount of repeat customers because they know they will get Mark on their remodel project. Contact Us Today!

Best Contractors in Long Grove IL

So how do you pick out the best contractor for your job? The old fashioned word of mouth works the best. Nowadays, that can mean a lot, such as a co-worker, relative, or friend recommendations. And word of mouth can also mean positive reviews online by complete strangers. And word of mouth can mean video testimonials. If you can find a contractor that has any or all of these, then you are running into a positive pattern of satisfied customers. Mark Lotz of Lotz Home & Office has tons of online written recommendations as well as countless video testimonials on his YouTube channel. And Mark also automatically gives a list of referrals you can call as well.   

Here are some of the services we offer. Feel free to speak with us for any inquiries or special requests!




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Homeowners make remodeling decisions for various reasons. And you have to also decide if it’s worth remodeling vs. selling. Most don’t want to sell their home because they love their neighborhood and hate the hassle of moving. But remodeling will become a necessity if your home is 15+ years old, the style is out of date, and parts of the house are starting to wear out and fall apart. And remodeling can become a necessity if your parents or older children have to move back in with you. The family dynamic is changing, and your home has to change with the new demands. Contact Us today for a consultation!

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Go check out our areas served page where you can find your city of Long Grove too. If you are reading this, you are already probably wanting to do a remodel project. Let’s cut to the chase. We would love to remodel your home. Call Brenda today in the office, and she can take down your information and set up an in-home consultation with Mark, the owner. Let’s get a price into your hands and see if the cost fits into your budget. We’d love to become your home remodeling contractors in Long Grove IL.