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Your doorbell rings suddenly, and you find yourself feeling extremely embarrassed. Your home is very outdated, and now you have some unexpected company seeing the old beaten up doors on your cabinets or the dents all over your floors. Maybe you’ve lived in your home for many years, and everything is the same way that it was when you first moved in. If that is the case, then you undoubtedly want to have a remodel of some kind to give your home the facelift it desperately needs. Many people don’t bother to remodel or are afraid because they think it will be nothing but trouble. It does have the potential to become a troublesome situation if you don’t have the right company to work with. Mark Lotz of Lotz Home & Office would like you to have a remodel that isn’t a nightmare to go through and turns out better than you could have expected in the end. Together we can make your home look new again and save you from all the embarrassment you are feeling now when guests suddenly arrive. We would love for you to consider Lotz as your home remodeling contractors in Chicago Near East Side IL.

Home Remodeling Contractors in Chicago Near East Side IL

Having a second-generation contractor isn’t as common these days as it used to be. It’s somewhat rare to find people starting with careers in the trades. Mark Lotz of Lotz Home & Office has always been in the trades. Mark was taught by his father while growing up and then started his own business when he turned twenty-one. For over 32 years, Mark has had his own business, and that’s not counting the six years that he worked with his dad before that. That adds up to nearly forty years of experience that Mark brings to each job he works. One of the best things about Lotz Home & Office is that Mark is at every job site and runs each job himself. Some people might think he shouldn’t do that and should hire someone to do that for him. Mark prefers to work on each project personally so that he can guarantee his customers 100% satisfaction. Because he takes such good care of his customers’ projects, nearly 75% of his customers are repeat customers. So many people come back because they know they will have the owner working on their project and making sure everything goes smoothly.   

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Often the way you find a good contractor is by one of your friends or family members recommend them. Recommendations are always helpful in finding someone you can trust. Word of mouth can be more than just a friend or relative’s recommendation. Word of mouth can also be an online review or video testimonial. Finding a contractor that has positive reviews and client testimonials means they have a lot of satisfied customers. You can find lots of positive reviews about Mark Lotz and Lotz Home & Office as well as testimonial videos on YouTube. Mark also provides a referral list of past customers you can call.   

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As a homeowner, you have many decisions to make, and you make them for many reasons. One thing you have to decide is whether your home is worth remodeling or should you sell it. Many people hate moving because they like their neighborhood, and it’s so much work to move. When your home is 15 or more years old, then you will most likely need to remodel because the style is way out of date, and your home will be, no doubt, falling apart. There are so many reasons that you may need to remodel certain areas of your home. Such as your parents or older children moving back into your home. Your family is always growing and changing, and with that growth and change, you need to let your home expand and change with you.  

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