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Lots of people get embarrassed by how outdated their kitchen or bathroom is. You never know when you are going to have company. Friends and family stop by unexpectedly all the time and see your home at its worst. You want to feel completely at ease in your home, and that can be hard to do when everything is outdated, and you’ve had to stare at the same style for years. So many people tell horror stories about bad remodeling projects, so other people become afraid to try to remodel their homes. You don’t want your remodel to turn into another horror story, so make sure you get the right contractors to get your project done right. Choosing Mark Lotz of Lotz Home & Office to carry out your home improvement projects will be the best thing you could do for your home. We can help you to make your home gorgeous once again, and you won’t have to feel embarrassed by it being outdated anymore. We would love for you to consider Lotz as your home remodeling contractors in Chicago Old Town IL.

Home Remodeling Contractors in Chicago Old Town IL

It’s a rarity these days to have a contractor that was taught the trade by their father. Most people are going to college and not starting with a career in the trades. From the very first, Mark Lotz of Lotz Home & Office has always worked in the trades. Mark is a contractor that was taught all through high school by his dad, and when he turned 21, he started his own business. Mark worked with his dad for six years as a teenager and young adult. Since then, he has had his own business for more than 32 years. So Mark has almost 40 years of prior experience that goes with him to every job site. Mark runs every job himself and is at every job site. Most people would hire a project manager or something. Instead of hiring someone to manage the project for him, Mark would rather work it himself to ensure 100% satisfaction for his customers. Almost 75% of Lotz Home & Office business is from repeat customers because Mark does this. His customers know that they will have Mark at their project, so that is just one reason why Lotz Home & Office has so many repeat customers.

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It isn’t always easy to find a good contractor that you know you can trust. Having someone you know recommend a contractor for your project is very helpful. You can also get beneficial recommendations from positive online reviews or client testimonial videos. You know a contractor has a lot of satisfied customers when their clients take the time to leave reviews online and make testimonial videos. Mark Lotz of Lotz Home & Office has a lot of testimonial videos on his YouTube channel, as well as lots of online reviews. Not only are there all those reviews online, but Mark also gives you a referral list you can review also.  

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There are so many decisions to make in life, and there are plenty that has to do with your home. One decision you have to make is whether your home is worth remodeling or not. Your other option is to sell and move. But moving can be a major hassle, and you would rather stay in your home and neighborhood. When you have an older home that is outdated, then you will have parts of your house wearing out and falling apart. Sometimes you need to remodel for when you have older children or parents that need to move in with you. As your family changes, your home will also have to change with it to work with you and your family’s new needs. 

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