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Western Springs is a wonderful community to be a part of. It’s great for family, and according to Niche, it’s one of the fifth best place to raise children in 2018. Between the Village Club and Pool, along with the Theater of Western Springs, there’s so much to appreciate. That’s why it’s been such a pleasure to serve our neighborhood for over a generation.  We hope you consider Lotz for your home remodeling contractors in Western Springs, IL.


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Lotz Remodeling works on homes, offices and commercial buildings. Through decades of experience, we have become a strong and trusted name in the community. We believe in more than just projects. When we serve you, we are working hard to make your dreams a reality. 

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Whether you just bought a house, or you have been living in it for years, you deserve the perfect home. When you first move into your house, it looks perfect, but then you find areas of improvement. Or maybe you’ve been in it for a while and it’s been great, but it has aged. Either way, we know how important it is to have a house that feels like home. You just need to have the right folks by your side. 

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We can make your vision happen with excellence. Lotz Remodeling is a professional, family-oriented, remodeling company with decades of experience. 

You have the idea. You know what you want. With the right people, your vision can become even better than you imagined. Lotz Remodeling works hard to make that possible. 

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Home remodeling project of a recent project, a photography room.

Lotz Remodeling provides experience and valuable local insight. We know the needs and wants of the community. We are always keeping up with what’s trending. We see what’s happening in Western Springs every day. We also know what remodels stay in style the longest, all specific to the neighborhood. Contact Us for a consultation!   Go check out our areas served page where you can find your city too.  We are excited to be working with you soon and being your home remodeling contractors in Western Springs IL.