Home Remodeling Contractors in Westmont IL

Remodel to make your Westmont home’s living space fit you and your family better.  We spend way more time at home these days, so remodeling seems almost a necessity than ever before.  Maybe your bathrooms need updated shower areas with grab bars and ditching that soaker tub would be a good idea?  How about getting new, taller kitchen cabinets installed with a granite or quartz countertop too? Most would rather remodel than go through the headache of selling their home and moving.  We’d love you to consider us to be your home remodeling contractors in Westmont IL.

Home Remodeling Contractors in Westmont IL

Mark is an excellent listener.  At your in-home consultation, Mark takes great notes of all the problems you want to get solved during this remodeling process.  He takes measurements and photos too and even brings out samples of doors, tile, backsplash, and flooring samples too. We turn around your estimate within a week’s time.  And we never pressure you into a decision either. We understand this is a big decision, so we want to make sure you are 100% certain you want to move forward to the next phase of the process.

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Mark was taught by his dad when Mark was just 15 years old.  And what Mark learned mostly from his father was a good work ethic and how to treat the customer as number one.  Mark’s father, Bill, emphasized to Mark at a young age to always make sure he does excellent craftsmanship and never cut corners.  Mark has been in business for himself over 3 decades. Mark brings 2 generations worth of knowledge to your project. 

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You spend so much time at your home, you should enjoy it to the fullest.  Mark handles every step of the process from start to finish. It’s very refreshing to have a local, family-owned and operated business run your project.  Mark’s name is on every job, so he always makes sure you are 100% satisfied.


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It’s about time you enjoy your home more than you do now.  You work hard, so upgrade your home to make it a place you can’t wait to come home to at the end of a long day. 

Our areas served page shows all the cities we work in. Brenda can set up an in-personal consultation so that we can become your home remodeling contractors in Westmont IL.