Home Remodeling Contractors in Willowbrook IL

Everyone’s thought about it.  You want to remodel a room in your Willowbrook home, and you think you can do it yourself.  And some homeowners are pretty handy and can do it right. But most don’t realize all the little details you need to know on for the project to be done right (to code) and to not be stalled.  You will need to anticipate ahead of time of all the details that need to be done. And if you don’t, the unexpected problem that might come up will stall your project. For larger or more complicated remodeling projects, you might want to consider hiring a general contractor. We would love for you to consider Lotz as your home remodeling contractors in Willowbrook IL.

Home Remodeling Contractors in Willowbrook IL

Hiring an experienced, reliable contractor is the goal.  This is the most important part of a remodeling project. Because if those beautiful selections you picked out aren’t installed correctly and according to code, you’re going to have a mess on your hands when you either go use your shower (and it leaks) or when you try to sell your Willowbrook home later, and it doesn’t pass inspection.  But, to be honest, good contractors will not be the cheapest. Price typically reflects the quality. So feel free to check out our credentials, and I know they will stand on their laurels. We really cannot wait to meet with you and start the process of giving you a preliminary estimate.

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Since remodeling costs way more than just painting, you’ll have to justify spending the money.  Here are a few things to consider on why you might be looking into remodeling: fixing a safety concern, you want to improve your home’s value, make a room’s ‘flow’ more efficient, or you want to get a more updated style.  All of these are justifiable. Let’s face it. If you are considering a remodeling project, chances are your home is 15-25+ years old. Well, that definitely should tell you that your home’s style is outdated, and to get a good ROI when selling in the future, you’ll need to remodel.

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So what’s the breakdown on a remodeling project?  You’ll need to purchase the beautiful selections such as cabinets/vanity, countertop, plumbing fixtures, new lighting, tile flooring/wood flooring, tile for a backsplash, or in the shower area, to name a few.  Then you’ll need to hire someone to do the demolition, installation, management, and deal with the city inspections if needed. It’s no wonder remodeling can be a higher cost than just painting or putting down new carpeting.  But oh, what a difference it will make when done. When hiring Lotz Home & Office, you’ll get a family team.

Mark is the owner and works on your project, hands-on. Who does that any more? And what’s great is that Mark is a 2nd generation contractor with over 35 years of experience.  His wife, Brenda, runs the office staff and is always ready to answer any questions via email, text, or phone call. You have the owners running your project. Hiring out a local Willowbrook contractor will guarantee your happiness vs. hiring out a large design company with possibly no project manager or after the sale, the salesman doesn’t come around anymore.  But you’ll have the owners involved in your project every single day when you hire Lotz Home & Office.


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Go check out our areas served page where you can find your city too. Give Brenda a call today in the office, and she’ll take down your information and set up an in-home consultation with Mark.  Mark will go over your current problems you want to fix and then take measurements and photos. We will provide you an estimate in one week, with a no-pressure approach afterward.  We’d love to become your home remodeling contractors in Willowbrook IL.