Joliet Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Joliet bathroom remodeling contractors, Lotz Home & Office, have been bringing their 31 years of knowledge into customer’s homes in the area. [Video below ] Click on the video below on the arrow, to play the video and watch the before and after shots of this bathroom we recently finished.


Joliet Bathroom Remodeling Contractors


You’ve started to realize how outdated your bathroom is.  And the longer you wait, the more outdated it becomes.  One of our customers recently came to us so frustrated because both bathrooms were so worn and outdated, and even had moldy tile.  From the start of the first day of demolition to the last day only took less than 3 weeks for both bathrooms. 


In less than 3 weeks, our customer had two brand new beautiful bathrooms! Here’s exactly what you’ll get when working with Lotz:  Mark and his team offer you 100% dedication to your project from start to finish.  Mark brings 31 years of knowledge to every project and has the best in the industry working on your bathroom remodeling project.


You are now at a point of decision.  You can either do:

  The path of no action will probably get you the same results, being  disappointed every single day with your bathroom.  But if you want to finally be excited to walk into your bathroom or not feel embarrassed when guests need to use your shower, then make the choice to call us today for a no-obligation appointment. 


Watch the video below to check out with others have to say about working with us! [ Video ]  Just click on the arrow to hear how your experience will be too!

Bathroom Remodeling Photos – Before & After


  Check out these before and after photos of some recent bathroom remodeling projects.  We converted in the first photo a whirlpool tub that the customer never used into a free-standing tub.  The next photo shows an outdated walk-in shower.  We expanded it a tiny bit and added in a tiled shower seated bench.  The third photos we converted a tub-shower combo into a shower.  It turned out amazing.  And the final two photos show how some very outdated vanities become stunning with new vanity cabinets and quartz countertops.



What is Your Next Step?

Call us today at 815-260-6773 and ask for Brenda.  She runs the office and is one of the owners as well.  Brenda can go over a few questions and then set up an appointment to meet with Mark.  

Lotz is committed to providing the highest customer service and expertise on every project.  Our recipe for success is problem-solving, customer service, and good communication both with the customer and in the field with our team of highly skilled craftsman.

Let us help you turn your bathroom remodeling ideas and dreams into reality today.


Want to check out more videos of previous remodeling projects or home improvement ideas?  Check out our 150+ videos on our YouTube channel.  Call us today at 815-260-6773, to Lotz Home & Office, your Joliet bathroom remodeling contractors.