Power Washing

In Illinois, northern exposure and southern exposure can affect the appearance and condition of your office or house exterior.

Power washing is one of the key steps that professional painters take in the process of revitalizing the exterior of your home or office.


There’s three reasons why siding exteriors and decks should be professionally pressure washed…

Lotz Home & Office provides the solution you need to give your house exterior or office exterior a fresh look.

Pressure Washing and Power Washing

Sometimes a professional power washing is all you need…

But if you have multiple coats of stain or paint or several years of wear-and-tear, a fresh coat of primer and paint may be essential to extending the life of the exterior of your home.

Power Wash and Pressure Washing

No worries if rotten boards or siding are revealed…

Lotz Home & Office will professionally replace rotten siding on your structure’s exterior or warped boards on your deck.

Then they’ll properly prepare the surface to accept the primer and finish the job with the appropriate paint or stain so your home or office exterior is protected from the elements for years to come.

Contact Lotz Home & Office for a professional analysis and estimate on your home or office exterior.

Power Wash and Pressure Washing

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